About Us

Welcome to Downtown Pasco!

The Downtown Pasco Development Authority (DPDA) is an organization focused on the revitalization of Downtown Pasco, Washington. We are innovative, vibrant and we are building a neighborhood focused on community and culture. The DPDA has many programs aimed at helping revitalize the Downtown Pasco area and creating opportunities for economic and community growth.

The DPDA is a non-profit 501c3 created by the City of Pasco. We receive financial contributions from the City of Pasco, CDBG programs, as well as public and private donations from corporate businesses or community members.

Our Mission

The mission of the DPDA is to strengthen and develop Downtown Pasco as a center for culture, business, and community spirit.

Our Vision

Downtown Pasco is an economically vibrant, culturally diverse destination for a family-friendly experience.

Downtown Pasco Development Authority in Pasco, WA

Our History

Since 1985, Downtown Pasco has benefited from downtown-specific economic development efforts. Pasco Downtown Development Association (PDDA) was created by business owners as a private organization to revitalize the downtown area and to serve as an advocate for its members. In partnership with City of Pasco, the PDDA created Pasco Farmers Market (1988) and Pasco Specialty Kitchen (2002). They also launched and achieved great success in the coordination of downtown’s annual Cinco de Mayo celebration and parade as well as the annual Fiery Foods Festival. The PDDA also championed the Facade Improvement Program and were instrumental in the completion of several projects, including Viera’s Bakery (2012).

In 2012, the PDDA passed the torch to the Downtown Pasco Development Authority (DPDA), a public development authority created by City of Pasco. The DPDA now “stands on the shoulders of the giants” that came before us. Thank you to PDDA volunteers, staff, and board members for the tremendous legacy you have bestowed on DPDA and our community.