Imagination Station

Downtown Pasco Imagination Station, Pasco, WACome aboard and enjoy art, culture, music and fun!

The Imagination Station is an interactive movement designed to build community spirit, create excitement and find creative ways to get people involved. We believe that to sustain a vibrant, thriving community our youth are key.

The Imagination Station is designed to change that by attracting volunteers through fun, engaging programs. There are no limits with the Imagination Station. We want to capture the imagination of our youth and make Downtown Pasco a fun, vibrant place for people to visit, stay and grow.

One thing we cannot fail to recognize is the impact our youth has on creative ways to improve our community. However, we need to connect with them. Not only do we need to connect with our youth we need to connect to the spirit of our inner child and have fun!

Downtown Pasco Imagination Station Initiatives

DPDA Imagination StationImagine the Pasco Farmer’s Market: Creative performances, art contests, improv and street performers.

Imagine the Pasco Specialty Kitchen: Partnering in all sorts of fun, delicious ways with community partners and the Imagination Station web page.

Imagine Downtown Pasco: Blog designed to inspire communication and dialogue about Downtown Pasco.

Imagine the Fun: Lip Dub contest, scholarship awards.