Facility Details

Pasco Specialty Kitchen, Pasco, WAMain Kitchen:
• Two full-size four-rack gas ovens
• Four-burner gas stove
• Three foot gas grill
• Two burner gas hot-plate
• Heater proofer cabinet
• Stand-alone stainless steel refrigerator
• 80-Quart Mixer
• 40-Quart Mixer
• Three sink washing area
• Single hand washing sink
• Five stainless steel tables

Center Kitchen:
• Two full-size four-rack convection ovens
• Six-burner gas stove
• Steamed jacketed kettle
• Gas tilting skillet
Pasco Specialty Kitchen, Pasco, WA• Three six foot Stainless Steel Tables
• Stainless steel stand-alone refrigerator
• Microwave
• Portable convection oven
• Small hand-washing sink
• Full-size walk-in freezer with cages
• Full-size walk-in cooler with cages

Prep Kitchen:
• Dishwashing machine
• Three sink dishwashing area
• Stainless steel dry racks
• Handwashing sink
• Two stainless steel tables

Conference Room:
Our conference room is available for our clients to use for meetings and appointments 24 hours a day/seven days a week. We have a large conference table in the room that seats 10-12 people comfortably.

Lounge Area:
Our lounge area is adjacent to the conference room and is used for smaller gatherings or when we have more than one meeting at a time. We provide a coffee pot, hot pot and microwave so our clients can provide refreshments for their customers. A restroom is nearby.

View the Pasco Specialty Kitchen floor plan.